Juan Carlos Organization

     Welcome to the Juan Carlos Organization, a non-profit organization founded by Lisbeth Garces in memory of her son Juan Carlos, who passed away from Muscular Dystrophy in 1999 at the age of 15.

     Ms. Garces' compelling personal journey of how she dealt with her son's illness is the inspiration behind this organization. In spite of her son's physical challenges, she created an active lifestyle that left many memorable moments for the both of them in Juan's all-too-brief-life.

    See highlights of her experiences with Juan and hear his voice as he sings karaoke just five months before his passing.


A Tribute to Juan Carlos


Our Mission

    The mission of the Juan Carlos Organization is to stimulate joy, acceptance and achievement for people of all ages with physical, sensory or cognitive challenges through guided dance and rhythmic exercise programs.


Preview of Workout Video


      For a donation of $25 or more we will send you a 45 minute DVD workout video by Lis, with a bonus 45 minute "Sit 'n Fit" workout.

     Click on the donate button at the top of the page and when the new window opens input "Workout 1 DVD" in the purpose field then complete the rest of the form. We will mail the DVD to the address you provide on the Paypal form.


Video Introduction to JCO


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Class Pictures

Below are pictures of 4 different classes that meet weekly and are made possible by the hard work of the JCO volunteers, JCO partners, and the generous donations from friends of JCO. You can see the full class schedule and check out the several ways that you can contribute to JCO.

Poway Branch Library on Tuesdays


Lemon Grove Library on Thursdays


Peninsula YMCA on Fridays


University Community Library on Mondays